Whether you’re making your maiden voyage or simply adding more miles to the hundreds of thousands you’ve already flown, these travel hacks are worth keeping in mind before any trip.

Keeping a spare set of clothes in your carry-on could be a life saver

Too often bags get lost/delayed and you’re left standing on the hotel beach wearing lace-up shoes and jeans. It’s always handy to keep a spare changes of clothes in your carry-on luggage, so if the worst does happen then at least you can sit by the pool, sip a pina colada and wait for the rest of your luggage to turn up.

Pack like a pro to save space and money!

We’ve all been there before; too many clothes, too many shoes and that zip just won’t go all the way round! There are a few different techniques to packing everything in. Some of the best tricks are tucking rolled up socks into shoes, rolling t-shirts into cylinder shapes and layering some of the bulkier items like jeans and jumpers across the whole suitcase to spread the surface area.

Pro packing tips from cabin crew

Check your in flight amenities before booking

A few years ago this may have meant standing at the end of the runway with a pair of binoculars, but thanks to services such as SeatGuru and RouteHappy you can do all this from the comfort of your living room.

With the quick and easy help of SeatGuru you can be sure to pick the best seat on the aircraft as soon as online check-in opens. You can find out useful information such as seat width, seat pitch and ratings on each seat so you know which you should try and grab, and more importantly, which ones you shouldn’t.

Routehappy is a great tool for viewing and compare in-flight amenities. With just a few clicks you can see whether your flight has WIFI, power outlets or in-seat entertainment.

Get yourself a credit card with travel perks

Points, points, points! They soon add up. There are so many credit cards on the market for the frequent traveller that we really couldn’t tell you which is best for YOU. What we can say is that most airlines have a credit card/loyalty card combination. This means that as well as receiving air miles for your everyday purchases such as groceries, you will also receive additional and even sometimes double air miles when spending on travel.

On top of this, certain cards come with great airport perks such as access to airport lounges, preferential boarding, and even premium cabin.

So you're probably asking, which card would we have? Well that’s tricky. Our TWO personal favourites are the United MileagePlus Club card issued by Chase and the American Express Platinum card. For us, these cards offer the best level of reward in exchange for the annual fee.