1. Fiji


Fiji is the ultimate destination for those wishing to experience blue skies, crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches. But sitting around on your sun longer drinking cocktails is not all that Fiji has to offer.

Fiji is also home to the incredible Bull Shark diving. Here you can enter the water with these magnificent creatures without a cage and watch as they feast on their lunch of tuna heads. The dive is completely safe to do as you are in the very competent hands of the local Dive Masters who run the show.

This is a must for all Scuba divers, as it gives a fascinating insight into the lives of these awesome sharks, as well as some great information on conservation.

To find out more, visit their website at; Beqa Adventure Divers

2. Gibraltar


If you’re looking to experience all things quintessentially British but don’t fancy braving the Great British weather, then Gibraltar is the perfect destination for you.

Sat on the southern tip of Europe, just beneath Spain and close enough to Africa that you can see Morocco on a clear day, Gibraltar is a proudly British colony that still has bobbies on the beat, fish and chips for tea and bright red telephone boxes.

Gibraltar is so small that when a plane is coming in to land, they shut the main road so that the plane can touch down on the tarmac. Once the plan has pulled up the to the terminal building they re-open the road to let the cars carry on through!

The focal point of Gibraltar is the rock, which sits in the centre, with the town developing around its base. You can take a cable car to the top of the rock to hang out with the famous and incredibly cheeky apes. Just be sure to keep all your food securely tucked away or they will take it off your hands. Literally!

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3. Lombok, Indonesia


Lombok is Bali’s much more laid back sister. The two islands sit so close together that it’s easy to get a quick flight or ferry between the two.

Whereas Bali has a distinctly Western feel to it in the more urbanised areas, Lombok is still Indonesian at heart and is keeping hold of its identity. The locals are lovely and you’ll find that Lombok is a great place to sit back and unwind, especially if you’ve just come from the craziness of Bali.

From Lombok you can easily travel to the Gili Islands, made up of three tiny desert islands; Gili Trawangan (the biggest and most popular), Gili Meno and Gili Air. Here you can try your hand at Scuba Diving, snorkelling or take a bike ride around the islands. As there are no motorised vehicles allowed, you’ll find yourself King of the Road.

4. New Zealand

More specifically the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Affectionately referred to as New Zealand’s best one-day hike. This is a 5-7-hour hike that will take you over some of the most breath-taking views of the North Island.

For The Lord of the Rings geeks amongst you, you will get a kick out of being able to walk up Mount Doom, and for the super fit there is the added challenge of being able to climb to the summit of the mountain, which is a volcano and take a look inside.

Some forward planning, including how you’re getting there and back (you end in a different location to where you start) will help, so check out the Tongariro Alpine Crossing Page.

5. Uluru, Australia

Uluru in Australia’s Red Centre is a natural wonder which rises from its desert surroundings, along with the just as impressive Kata Tjuta. These formations are millions of years old and hold a special place in Aboriginal culture.

Far from any other town (the closest being Alice Springs at about a 4 ½ drive away), Uluru sits in the middle of the country and may seem like a trek to some but it really is worthy of your time and attention. Walking around the base of Uluru will give you a sense of the scale of the formation and allow you to soak in the spiritual connection the local Aboriginals have with it.

6. Mayrhofen, Austria

Whether you’re an experienced skier, looking to sharpen your skills or are just looking forward to some après-ski with a yummy hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire then Mayrhorfen in the Ziller river valley is the perfect location for you.

The peaks offer the most stunning views of snow-capped mountains for miles around, while the slopes themselves give you the adrenaline rush you’re looking for.

If you find yourself getting tired on the way down you can always stop at one of the bars or restaurants along the route, drop off your skis in the ski rack outside and head into the warmth to rebuild your energy. When you’re nice and full, you can grab your skis and pick up where you left off.

7. Thailand

When it comes to Thailand there is not one destination that sums up this magnificent country.

You really do need to travel around it to get a sense of all that it has to offer. From the crazy antics of the inhabitants of Koh San Road in Bangkok to the peaceful temples in Singburi, Thailand is a clash of chaos and calm.

For movie buffs the tranquil setting of The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio can be found at Maya Bay on the exquisite Phi Phi islands. They certainly do attract a lot of attention though, so to avoid the crowds, consider staying on a Liveaboard overnight, when you wake up you’ll be the first on the beach and get to have it all to yourselves before the day boats moor up.

Check out Maya Bay Tours for a more intimate visit to the beach.