Bubbling with over 8 million residents, New York City offers so much that a solid itinerary is needed to scratch the surface of the city. I’ve wandered through the city of skyscrapers numerous times and have put together the perfect guide to spending 72 flawless hours in this mesmerising city.

Day One

Morning: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island


Photo by Sue Waters

The perfect introduction to this huge, historical city is the iconic Statue of Liberty. Hop on a $18 ferry that will take you to both the statue and the well-known Ellis Island. Snap some photos of the stunning Ms. Liberty while looking out over the skyscraper filled skyline.

Afternoon: Brooklyn Bridge and City Hall


Photo by Curtis MacNewton

After soaking up the statue, take line 4 from the Bowling Green Subway Station to Borough Hall. From the station, stroll down the brooklyn streets for fifteen minutes until you reach the iconic bridge. After hanging around the Brooklyn Bridge make sure to head over to city hall, also located in lower manhattan, which is only a short walk from the bridge.

Evening: 9/11 Memorial and Museum


Photo by Mack Male

The most tragic event in NYC and a catastrophe that shaped the USA forever, 9/11, is a huge part of the city's history. The museum will take hours to wander through, including heart-wrenching interactive sections where you pick up the phone and hear the actual calls those on the planes made to their families in their last living moments. Some walls that didn’t collapse during the attack still stand inside of the museum, as well as photos and descriptions of each human who lost their life on that gloomy September day. Make sure to finish your day here (exit by 9pm when it closes), as it could leave you feeling down for the rest of the day, but is definitely an important stop when visiting the city.

Day Two

Morning: Empire State Building


Photo by S J Pinkney

Tickets for this global landmark range from $30-$175 to see views from the 102 floored building. If you’re not willing to throw in that much cash, I recommend heading to the base of the structure and lookup towards the top to digest how humongous it really is.

Afternoon: American Museum of Natural History or The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Photo by Steven Pisano

Whether you visit the American Museum of Natural History or the Metropolitan Museum of Art depends on which you are more interested, history or art. The Museum of Natural History might ring a bell, as it was the filming location from the best-selling film “The Night in the Museum”. The huge museum costs $22 for adults and $17 for students and is open from 10am-5:45pm. The Museum of Art is open from 10am-5:30pm and actually doesn’t have a set admission cost. They leave that up to you. They recommend that you be as generous as possible, leaving a suggestion of $25 for adults and $12 for students. Either museum is the perfect break from busy city-life to delve into works of arts and informational displays.

Evening: Times Square and Rockefeller Center


Photo by Andrés Nieto Porras

When one envisions NYC, they picture the flashing lights, floods of people, and towering skyscrapers of Times Square. This area is best enjoyed at night, when the colourful advertisements light up the street full of various people. As you look around, you’ll find couples getting married, superheroes asking for money for every photo taken of them, and tourists galore. This is hands down the best spot in the entire city to get a feel for how crazy and crowded New York is. Times Square is one of a kind. After walking around Times Square, walk over to Rockefeller Center, where you can enjoy a more peaceful experience. Flags from countries around the world wave as locals and tourists dine outside in fancy restaurants. I spent an hour here absorbing how precious the area looked when lit up by all of the twinkling lights.

Day Three

Morning: Central Park


Photo by Shinya Suzuki

By now, you’ll have begun to feel like a sardine crowded in a tiny can with millions of others, trying to manoeuvre around this grid like city. A must needed break is mandatory by the third day, so head into the peaceful central park. Miles of greenery inhabit the park, so grab a book and some food while enjoying a nice picnic in the nature outside of the city.

Afternoon: Grand Central Terminal


Photo by Randy Lemoine

The central train station of NYC is especially fascinating at rush hour, when you watch people sprint by trying not to miss their rides to and from work. This is the perfect destination to get a feel for the “New York minute” and how quickly everyone moves.

Evening: Broadway Show or Basketball Game


Photo by Marco

You can’t visit New York City without seeing a spectacular broadway show. The shows vary by the year, so check what is playing while you’re in town (my favourite is The Lion King). If watching people sing, act, and dance isn’t your cup of tea, head over to the world famous Madison Square Garden for a baseball game.. You’ll be blown away by how passionate the fans are for their team.

Lead image by Sean Davis