Whether you’re looking for a stylish hostel in Venice, an idyllic beach in Greece or a great American wilderness to find your true self, then these Instagram accounts are exactly what you need.


Featuring arty urban and rural shots, this account belongs to Britain’s Kash Bhattahcarya, a man who knows a thing or two about travelling on a budget, while not compromising on luxury. If you’re searching for chic hostels in Europe’s most iconic cities, then look no further.


Photographed by Moscow-based Murad Osmann, this inspirational account offers photos of Murad’s girlfriend leading him by the hand through some of the world’s most iconic travel destinations. A romantic’s delight, it’s sure to give you and your better half plenty of food for thought.


The work of freelance travel blogger Katie McNoulty, this eclectic account includes bright photos of quaint Parisian cafes, serene Australian swimming holes and…erm…a nudist beach. McNoulty’s trail is a must for anyone who likes to stray off the beaten path.


Full of awe-inspiring snaps, and some that are bound to raise a hair or two, Chris Burkard’s collection was compiled from his travels around the world, in which he’s photographed some of the its most stunning landscapes, such as the Grand Canyon, the Alps and many not seen by the average traveller, including the Arctic’s Northern Lights in all their celestial beauty.


If you’re someone who often dreams of going off the grid once in a while, then Matthew Karsten’s adventurous account is for you. Featuring such gems as a snow-covered beach in Norway and the wreck of a World War 2-era plane under the dazzling Northern Lights in Iceland, Karsten’s snaps are as unique as they are beautiful.


A solo traveller, London-based Marta’s pics catalogue her adventures from downtown London to rural India. With wonderful snaps ranging from scrumptious hot cross buns in Jersey to surrealist architecture in Barcelona and everything in between, Marta’s account comes highly recommended for all the soloists among you.


Japanese photographer Hiroaki Fukada’s powerful images range from the snowy peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the colourful alleyways of downtown Berlin. Wherever he goes, Fukada captures the essence of the place and the people who live there, and his collection is sure to inspire the more introspective travellers among you.


Five years ago, North Carolina native Theron Humphrey and his best friend Maddie, a loyal coonhound, got in their red 4X4 and took to the road. The result has been a mesmeric collection of photos from across the United States that perfectly portrays the country in all its great natural beauty, ranging from Arizona’s rocky red deserts to Montana’s serene pine forests and rivers.


Made up of a community of travellers and storytellers, this account is a hodgepodge of snaps including beautiful Baroque-style Maltese streets, stunning Himalayan mountainside temples and pretty pastel-coloured Brazilian towns. Seductively shot, each pic is bound to have you reaching for your passport post haste.


Dating back to 1888, National Geographic has inspired millions the world over, telling stories from far flung places, and of peoples till then unknown to the rest of the world. Their photographers have been among the best in the world, and to this day still captivate us and stir our imaginations and wanderlust with their incredible images.

Lead image by muradosmann